User-Friendly Meets Eco-Friendly

The ideal humidifier should treat your whole house, improve comfort, reduce energy costs, conserve water, operate quietly, and be easy to maintain. Only Honeywell TrueEASE humidifiers do it all.

Your Home Is A Lot Like Your Body

It needs to stay properly hydrated in order to maintain the comfort of those living in it. Air that is too dry can act like a giant sponge, soaking up moisture from everyone and everything in your home. including woodwork, wood floors, and furnishings. 

And it takes a toll. Dry skin, chapped lips, dry nasal passages and static electricity are just some of the dry-air symptoms that can lead to discomfort.


Saves Water. Saves Energy. Saves Money.

When your HV/AC system is running, typical whole-house humidifiers constantly cycle water and air through, sending three to four gallons of water down the drain for every one gallon delivered as humidity.

TrueEASE says goodbye waste and hello efficiency by automatically monitoring the dryness in your home, and then only running water and air through the system when humidity is needed - cutting water waste up to 50%* and saving energy by eliminating the constant cycling of air.


*Up to 50% less water waste on Fan-Powered and up to 30% less waste on Advanced Bypass TrueEASE models. Based on continuous run time of 24 hours with system specifications set according to ASHRAE Guideline 610.

Humidified Air Feels Warmer

You'll be able to cut energy costs by turning your thermostat down while still feeling comfortable. According to the EPA, every degree you lower your thermostat can result in 4% savings on your heating bill.

Whole-House Comfort

Unlike portable humidifiers that are only effective in the rooms they are in, Honeywell TrueEASE humidifiers are installed out of sight with your central heating and cooling system, hgelping you automatically maintain a comfortable humidity level in every area of your home.

Quiet Operation

You will appreciate that TrueEASE is the quietest evaporative humidifier on the market. Fan-powered models are 20dB quieter than equivalent competitive residential fan humidifiers - maintaining your home's tranquility and comfort.


Low humidity can cause higher energy costs. This can make you feel too cold at normal temperatures leading you to turn up the thermostat. This leads to higher energy bills.

Honeywell Eliminates Maintenance Hassles

While portable humidifiers have water tanks that often need to be filled more than once a day and other whole-house humidifiers need to be taken apart in order to replace the pad, TrueEASE is truly easy to maintain.

TrueEASE automatically fills itself, and the replacement pads can be easily accessed. The slide-out p ad design means you won't have to disassemble the humidifier or interact with the plumbing in order to change the pad. And the Change Pad indicator light on the front lets you know exactly when replacement is needed.* Plus, Honeywell replacement pads feature an exclusive AgION™ anti-microbial coating that helps inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria.


*Timer based on 12 months or 5,500 run-time hours, whichever comes first.

Is TrueEASE Right For You?

TrueEASE is highly recommended if those living in your home ever experience:

  • Dry Skin

  • Dry nasal passages

  • Chapped lips

  • Painful static shops from carpets or electronics

  • Static Cling

Or if your home has:

  • Hardwood flooring

  • Wood furnishings

  • Paintings or artwork

  • Musical instruments

  • Uncomfortable temperatures in the winter

  • High Utility bills

Dry Air Can Damage Your Family's Health and Home

Physicians and other experts often recommend humidity control to prevent the damaging effects of dry air caused by low humidity.

Low humidity can cause home damage. It causes walls, woodwork, and your beautiful hardwood floors to crack. Electronics can fall victim to static electric charges, requiring expensive repair or replacement.

Beyond The Damage Low Humidity Can Cause:

Low humidity can increase your likelihood of getting colds, flu and other upper respiratory ailments. Viruses that cause cold sand flu thrive in low humidity. And, according to The American Society of Otolaryngology, dry air can make people more susceptible to infection. In addition, drier air can aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms.

"Humidifiers are commonly used in homes to relieve the physical discomforts of dry nose, throat, lips, and skin. The moisture they add to dry air also helps alleviate common nuisances brought on by winter heating, such as static electricity, splitting woodwork and cracks in paint and furniture."

- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Platinum Air Care Includes A 5-Year Limited Warranty

If your unit fails within 5-years of installation, we will replace the unit at no additional cost.*

*Regular maintenance and filter replacement is required to take advantage of the Platinum Warranty Pledge.