• Platinum TrueHEPA + TFP Filter, Combining Two Particle Capture Technologies to Maximize Performance

  • Minimal Maintenance, Easy Filter Replacement

  • Outperformed Other Brands During 14 Month Trial

  • Quick and Easy Duct Mounted Installation

  • 5 Year Warranty


Platinum TrueHEPA TFP + HEPA: Revolutionizing home air cleaning, combining two particle capture technologies to ensure clean, healthy air throughout your home.

In the Platinum TrueHEPA Air Cleaner the walls of the internal airway through which dirty air passes are made of a fabric which traps particles as they are flung out of the airstream. The result is a high rate of removal of even the smallest particles, with no loading of the primary TFP cartridge to obstruct air flow.

TFP + HEPA = Long Lasting 99.97% Clean Air

The particle capture efficiency and non-loading characteristics of the TFP primary cartridge ensures maximum HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestance) performance and filter life.

Research has proven that Platinum TrueHEPA is more effective than other air cleaners.

In test result confirmed by Air Filter Testing Laboratories Inc., the Platinum TrueHEPA Air Cleaner outperformed four competitive air cleaners during a 14 month trial.

Millions of airborne particles are making the air in your home dangerous

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside our homes can be as much as 10 to 70 times more polluted than the air outside. So it comes as no surprise that respiratory problems have risen dramatically in recent years.

Indoor Air Quality

The air in your home is loaded with pollen, dust, pet dander, dust mites and their droppings, plus many other health-threatening particles. In today's tighter build, better insulated homes, poor air quality can be compounded with gaseous pollutants, odors, and humidity that result in mold and mildew, putting your family's health at risk.

Chronic Respiratory Disorders

Some of these particles trigger life-long allergies, some are carcinogenic, and all put extra burden on the body's immune system. Small particles lodge in the lining of the lungs and contribute to higher levels of chronic respiratory disorders.


Platinum TrueHEPA's TFP (Turbulent Flow Precipitation) Collector, combined with a HEPA filter, stops 99.97% of all particles such as pollen and fungus spores, cigarette carcinogens and carbons, pet dander, dust mite feces, molds and bacteria as small as 0.3 microns in size.


Questions & Answers

Will it work in any kind of home?

The Platinum TrueHEPA Air Cleaner works with all central air heating/cooling systems.

Will the Platinum TrueHEPA help with allergies?

Many allergies are caused by exposure to airborne allergens including pollen and fungus spores. The Platinum TrueHEPA captures 99.97% of the submicroscopic airborne particulates (0.3 microns) and even more of the larger particles such as pet dander and dust mite feces. If airborne particulates cause your allergies, you should experience relief.

There is a smoker in my home, will the Platinum TrueHEPA help protect my family?

Yes, the Platinum TrueHEPA can remove about 90% of respiratory damaging particles contained in tobacco smoke. But, smoking in any enclosed space will create gases which can harm others. No filtration system will protect you from cigarette gases!

Will it affect the performance of my air distribution system?

No, Platinum TrueHEPA is self-powered, and is normally installed in a by-pass configuration.

Does it have to run continuously to keep the air clean?

You will get maximum benefit from your Platinum TrueHEPA Air Cleaner if it runs continuously. A timer can be used to save energy if the house is left empty for extended periods of time.

How much maintenance is needed?

We recommend an annual check-up to make sure the fan and motor are in good operating condition. The collectors and HEPA filters should be checked and replaced as necessary. No clean out is needed. Unlike other air cleaners, Platinum TrueHEPA's TFP collector is used as a pre-filter, so the HEPA filter, and in fact the whole unit, needs less maintenance.

Clean Air with Platinum TrueHEPA

The TFP + HEPA Ultimate Air Cleaner forms part of an excellent strategy for improving indoor air quality (IAQ)


How quickly will I notice a difference?

An improvement in air quality is often apparent within 12 hours of continuous use after turning on the Platinum TrueHEPA.

Will I still need filters in my furnace?

Yes, as they help keep your furnace free of dust and dirt and by intercepting large particles they reduce the load on the Platinum TrueHEPA unit. This helps it do what it does best - trap the very small particles that pass through the furnace filter.

How can a by-pass system clean all the air in the house?

In an average 2500 sq. ft. home, all the air passes through the furnace 4.5 times every hour. With Platinum TrueHEPA in a by-pass configuration, drawing off 10% of the air continuously, 45% of the air will be cleaned every hour. Depending on the condition of the home, all the air will pass through the Platinum TrueHEPA 10 times every 24 hours.

Will we dust and vacuum less often?

The Platinum TrueHEPA Air Cleaner removes almost 100% of the larger particles circulating in the air (such as dust), and that will make a distinct difference to the amount of visible dust in the home.

Five reasons why Platinum TrueHEPA is right for you.

The Platinum TrueHEPA Air Cleaner with TFP will give you greater long-term protection than any other type of whole house residential air cleaner.

  1. Platinum TrueHEPA removes health-threatening particles from the air far more effectively than other residential air cleaners

  2. Lowest maintenance air cleaner available. Check-up required only once a year.

  3. It cleans the air throughout your home, benefiting everyone in the family, all the time.

  4. It allows air to circulate freely without putting any extra loaded on your air distribution system,

  5. Unlike electronic air cleaners, Platinum TrueHEPA does not generate any poisonous ozone which attacks your lungs


Model No.:
Motors and Blowers:
High efficiency PSC Motor - 150 CFM @ .4" WC 110 watts - 120 VAC.
Standard three prong plug to receptacle.
The TFP is equipped with a standard power supply of 5'5" (1.6 meters) cable.
H: 29" x W: 14.5" x D: 14.75"


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