At Platinum Air Care - Filtration is our specialty

We're invested in providing top quality filtration products to consumers.
By partnering with Platinum Air Care, your clients will have the most up-to-date
filtration and HRV products with guaranteed satisfaction.


Customer Benefits:

  • Full 5-Year Warranties - We don't rely on "Manufacturer Warranty", Our In-house Full Warranty means we can efficiently fix or replace the product at zero cost to the consumer

  • 2-Year Full Service Package - Our technicians personally come and do the cleaning and filter replacement multiple times for 2 years

  • Included Duct Clean - Making sure the ducts are free of any left over drywall dust, or other materials that might of got in the mix

Builder Benefits:

  • Worry Free Solutions - Our helpful brochures make it simple for you and your clients to understand

  • Support - You'll have access to a personal manager for any inquiries you might have

  • Price - We don't compromise on quality, but we keep prices as reasonable as possible to benefit the builder and the buyer

  • Options - You do the installations or us, we'll fit your time frame and stay hassle-free

  • Inventory - We always have products ready for pickup or delivery

  • Purchase Rewards - We provide bonuses for doing business with us, as our way of saying thanks

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