The Nature Of Things Episode - Something In The Air

Date: Feb 17, 2019

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Recently, CBC aired the newest episode of The Nature of Things titled Something In The Air. David Suzuki goes into detail about air pollution primarily caused by large city car emissions and it’s effect on the population. Platinum Air Care recommends watching this for a basic understanding about small and large particles, and an idea of just how serious long-term exposure to air pollution can be.

Here’s a few things that stuck out to us:

Mathew & Family - Asthma - Toronto (Timestamp: 2:10)
“Surprisingly Canada has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world, it’s the number 1 cause of hospital admissions for kids.”

Jeffery Gettleman - Moving to India (Timestamp: 11:20)
”We stay inside a lot, we wear masks when we go outside on heavily polluted days, we have an air filter in our car, we have an air filter in every room of this apartment, and we just spend so much time inside.”
“3,000 people die from air pollution every day in India”

Dogs getting Dementia - Mexico City (Timestamp: 18:30)
“It’s not just us, bad air effects everything that breathes, and that includes our closest companions; dogs”

Canada Study - Higher Risk of Dementia When Living Near Main Roads (Timestamp: 26:03)

Ultra-Fine Particles: Breathing In Particles That Can Go Inside Bloodstream (Timestamp: 30:00)

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