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 Portable Electronic Air Purifier Cleaning Instructions

Applicable Models:

RPS 600SL Portable Air Purifier

RespirAide Series Units (R200T, R300T, R400T, etc)

Saviair 500 & 5000

If your model is not listed contact us for advice or
consult owner’s manual of your unit.

Cell Cleaner Used: Platinum Air Care Cell Cleaner

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Platinum Air Care Cell Cleaner

For The Best Cleaning Experience:
Use Platinum Air Care Cell Cleaner

Created using nature's blend of cleaners and degreasers to quickly cut through grease, grime, bacteria and viruses. Our environmentally safe cleaner uses no distillates, harsh alkalies, or butyl solvents, but instead utilizes the potent cutting ability of natural citrus extracts to remove cell collection effortlessly. Our technicians use this specific formula to service our customer’s units in their own home as well as in our service department.

Cleaning The Air Cleaner

Electronic Air Cleaners work by electrically charging and collecting airborne contaminants. As these contaminants collect, the collector plates and Pre-Filter become extremely dirty. With an excess amount of contamination build up on the collector plates and the Pre-Filter, Electronic Air Cleaner's efficiency decreases. Also, as dirt builds up, the snapping noise will occur with great frequency. While there are many variations of Electronic Air Cleaners, this cleaning guide focuses on products with a similar air cleaning method (Pre-Filter ➞ Electronic Cell ➞ Carbon/V.O.C Filter) that Platinum Air Care offers today, and in the past such as Saviair 5000, RespirAide 400T (and the older RespirAide 200T and RespirAide 300T models) and the RPS 600SL.

To prevent the loss of efficiency, the Electronic Cell and Pre-Filter must be cleaned regularly. How often will depend on the usage. Variables, such as number of occupants, pets, and smoke determine how often the Air Cleaner requires cleaning. Cleaning once every 3 to 6 months for non-smokers, and once a month for smokers is recommended for maximum benefit of your product.

Before starting:

Most units have an automatic shutoff, however we recommend powering off, and unplugging your unit.

Cleaning The Pre-Filter:

Remove the Pre-Filter and vacuum the accumulated dust and lint. Washing the Pre-Filter once a month is recommended (you can use electronic cell cleaner if desired). A thorough rinsing is required after each cleaning. Allow Pre-Filter to completely dry before placing back inside the unit.

To access the Pre-Filter, open the front panel by
pulling from the handle slots as pictured below:

6-1 Open the front panel.jpg

Slide the Pre-Filter out from the top
as pictured below:

6-2 Removing the Pre-filter 2.jpg

Cleaning The Electronic Cell

Remove the Electronic Cell from The Air Cleaner. If cell is extremely dirty, lightly rinse off outside with a hose is recommended. Be careful not to bend or bang collecting plates. Submerge the entire cell in warm to hot water for 5 minutes (we use a laundry tub at customer’s homes). Remove the cell from the water and spray cell down thoroughly with Electronic Cell Cleaner Fluid. Allow the spray to sit on the Cell for 5 minutes. Change water in tub, and then submerge the Cell in fresh warm to hot water for another 5 minutes. Rinse, shake out, and allow to stand until completely dry over night. If you put the filters back in the Air Cleaner while still damp or wet, serious arching and snapping noise will occur. Using a hair dryer can be used to speed up the drying time, however it is still recommended to dry over night.

Do not wash collecting cell in dishwasher. Never use any object to clean between the cell plates as this may cause damage to the plates or ionizing wires. Never place the cell in an oven to dry.

RespirAide series units: Slide forward the Cell frame, and lift the Cell from the handle as shown below:

6-4 Removing the cell.jpg

RPS 600SL units: There is no sliding frame; to remove the Cell you must open the Cell blocking tabs by rotating them to the inside as shown below:

6-3 Open the cell blocker (600SL only).jpg

RPS 600SL units: After rotating the tabs, carefully remove the Cell from the unit as shown below:

6-4 Removing the cell (RPS 600SL).jpg

The Activated Carbon V.O.C (Volatile Organic Compound) Filter

The Activated Carbon V.O.C (Volatile Organic Compound) Filter is not a washable filter and must be replaced every 6 months, or every 2-4 months in smoking environments. The Odor absorption capabilities of the carbon last between 2 and 6 months. Once the Carbon Filter can no longer remove odors from the air, the Carbon Filter will need to be replaced. Do not leave the Carbon Filter in the machine for longer than 6 months.

RespirAide series units: The Cell and V.O.C filter can be accessed and removed by sliding forward the frame, both the Electronic Cell & V.O.C Filter as shown below:

6-5 Replace the activated carbon filter.jpg

RPS 600SL units: Remove V.O.C filter by grabbing tab as shown below, then unhooking filter from it’s holder.

6-5 Replace the activated carbon filter (RPS 600SL).jpg

Photo-catalytic Filter & Ultra-Violet Lamp

Once you have removed the Pre-Filter, Electronic Cell and V.O.C Filters, you will now have open access to the Photo-Catalytic Chamber and Ultra-Violet Lamp area.

The Photo-catalytic Filter is a permanent filter. Gently vacuum with vacuum brush, or dust filter only. DO NOT remove or wash this filter. The Ultra-Violet (UV) Lamp has a life expectancy of 1 year. The UV lamp indicator light will flash indicating a replacement is required. Caution: DO NOT touch the glass portion of the lamp.

Replacing the UV Lamps can be a delicate process, if you are not confident we recommend scheduling a Platinum Air Care technician do this for you, or our technicians can teach you in person.

RespirAide 400T units & RPS 600SL units both feature dual UV lamps on both the right and left side of the Photo-Catalytic Filter. To remove the UV lamps, carefully grab the end portions of the lamps (usually white in color) as pictured below, and twist to “unlock” it’s connection, the lamp should then feel loose and be easy to remove. You can now replace the lamps with new ones.

6-6 Replace the UV lamps.jpg
6-6 Replace the UV lamps 2.jpg

Reset the clean unit indicator (hold power 3 seconds).jpg

Reassembly And Resetting The Unit:

Once cleaned your unit and made sure all parts are thoroughly dry, you can now reassemble. To make sure your unit knows it’s been cleaned, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until you hear a beep and see all lights flash (other models may vary, please consult your manual or contact us for help).


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