Renting Vs Buying Water Heaters:

At Platinum Air Care we encourage ownership of equipment and make it easy by offering affordable financing options that include extended warranties.

Our financing can closely rival the cost of your rental monthly payment, and the extended warranty will give you the peace of mind you get from renting ~ without the extra long-term cost.

If you’re wondering how much your current water heater’s rental has cost you so far~ Check out this helpful renting calculator; the result may surprise you!

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  • Low Budget Financing, helping you OWN your products!

  • Extended Warranty: All products are guaranteed!

  • Latest technology and ENERGY STAR efficiency products that will show on your utility bill!

  • High Quality Products - Ensuring Satisfaction!

  • SAVE $1,000s over the life span of your air conditioner, furnace, or water heater!

  • RELAX while we do all the work, and dispose or return your old equipment at no extra charge!


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  • Monthly Payments - FOREVER

  • Out Dated Equipment - NOT Efficient

  • Over time renting fees increase, while your equipment becomes older and less efficient, adding cost to your utility bills.

Stop worrying about rental bills, and become worry-free with efficient equipment!


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