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Beautifully Portable

The RPS 600SL is designed to take up minimal space, yet deliver whole home performance. Fully equipped with the latest electronic filter technology, the RPS 600SL is the perfect option to target key areas quickly, or for those of us who live in homes without the option for forced air filtration.





Double The Purifying Capabilities Of Other Leading Portable Air Cleaners

Compared to older models, the RPS 600SL includes an extra Ultra-Violet lamp, improved airflow, lower power consumption (power compared to RespirAide 400T), and stronger structural integrity. This combined with the Photo-catalytic chamber increases the capability to destroy bacteria, micro-organisms, and other viruses.



Key Features Include: 

  • Whole-Home Performance, but portable to prioritize the areas you want done most

  • Negative Ionizer - Promotes better sleep, Improved energy levels and focus, reduction in headaches and sickness

  • 6-Stage Filtration - Cleaning Dirty Air Up To 0.01 Microns

  • Life-Time Electronic Filter - Electronically Removes dust, mites, pollen, pet dander, mold, bacteria, viruses, tobacco smoke, cooking odors, grease, and more

  • Touch-Sensitive Power Button

  • Quiet 3-Speed Fan Control - Remote Control Included

  • Performance Indicators

  • Easy To Maintain


How It Works:

RPS 6-Stage Diagram.png

6-Stage Filtration:

1. Pre-Filter - For Larger Particles

2. Electrostatic Precipitator Cell - Captures Airborne Particles, Billions of microscopic particles become electrically charged as they pass through the powerful electric field. The Collector plates immediately attract and collect these charged dust and dirt particles.

3. Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Filter - Absorbs and reduces odors, chemicals, gases, as well as tobacco smoke and other odors.

4. Ultra-Violet Light (UV) - UV Sterilization chamber kills bacteria and viral micro-organisms such as influenza, TB, and Legionnaire's disease as well as other harmful contaminants.

5. Photo-Catalytic Filter - Combined with the Ultra-Violet lamps, it creates an oxidation, which have an excellent effect in the decomposition of odors.

6. Negative Ion Generator - Promotes better sleep, Improved energy levels and focus, reduction in headaches and sickness.




Model Number - RPS-600SL
Power Requirement - 120V, 60Hz, 1A
Rated Power - 56W
Fan Motor - 120V, 60Hz
Noise Level - <55dB
Negative Ion - 3x10⁶ / cm³
Ultra-Violet Lamp - 6W x 2
Dimensions - H: 83.5cm x W: 47.8cm x D: 23.8cm
Weight - 24.2kg

Manual Download

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