5/5 Star Google Review

“I am not for reviews however I will write my experience as in-depth as I can.

I received a furnace flyer which I decided to call and inquire, I spoke with Erin and was going to schedule a technician over to measure my equipment to make sure they put the correct size in. As I am fairly knowledgeable I explained to her over the phone the details of my unit, and emailed a picture of the specifications as well. Doing this with Erin got me same-day installation by a nice fellow named Mike, and a few days later a duct cleaning by a fellow named Cody. The furnace installation took about 4 hours, and Mike answered any questions I had perfectly. He was very cautious of my home and did not leave any mess I could notice from his vehicle all the way to the furnace room. After the installation, I signed some paper work and gave him a cheque. The next few days I had the duct cleaning and the job was definitely a good one. He was clean and took about 2 hours for my home, doing a thorough job I almost immediately after the completion noticed my heat/air flow was better going to the second floor of my home. I also had a “pet smell” which I did not notice I had until it was gone.

Long story short, I am happy with the services I have so far had with this company, and recommend.”

- James Grey

Platinum Air Care