To Platinum Air Care

“For a couple of weeks, I did not feel well. Sore throat and tired all the time with no appetite. Monday I was off work, but returned the next day because I felt a bit better. Wednesday I went to the walk in clinic because I felt worse. The doctor told me I had a respiratory infection. The next day I felt out of breathe when I went to clean the snow off my car. When it took me 6 hours to get ready for work, I went to the hospital. My oxygen level was very low, 79. The doctor put me immediately on oxygen and did a lot of tests. After a week in the hospital he sent me home with a portable oxygen unit. Even the doctor was unsure if the level would come back up. I had appointments with specialists on January 6, they said I would always be on oxygen. None of the tests explained why my oxygen level was so low. At the end of January, I purchased a RespirAide Air Cleaner from Platinum Air Care, for my home. I immediately noticed an improvement in my breathing. By then end of February, my doctor removed my portable oxygen unit completely! and my oxygen level is now good. They had no idea what made my oxygen level so low, but it was "DEFINITELY THE AIR I WAS BREATHING".

Thank you for improving my air with such a superior product. It has not only improved my health, but my quality of life as well.

Thank you Platinum Air Care”

- Sharon Nickerson, from London Ontario

Platinum Air Care