To Platinum Air Care Management

“I am writing to express my satisfaction with the RespirAide electronic air cleaner which I purchased in December 2003. I have several cats and a dog, and being a very house proud person I normally vacuum and dust every other day, and Swiffer the hardwood floors everyday to pick up cat hairs. I have an open house concept with a wood stove in the basement and another on the main floor. These are kept going all winter and the fine ash produced calls for regular dusting. However, I find that my table tops and credenzas are not showing any near so much dust. Two days after dusting, I find no appreciable build up, and it smells so fresh everywhere, and I am not getting the sinus problems that usually bother me in the winter with the dry air. It was three weeks before I did the first cleaning of the plates unit and filter. The black color of the water showed where all the dust and ash had been collecting. I believe that even in the summer, which I have the windows open that my house will stay cleaner, and that I will not suffer so much from the dust/pollen allergies I have in the past. With the smaller unit running in the bedroom, dust is less noticeable, and I am sleeping better.”

- Ann Maine, from Fergus Ontario