To Whom It May Concern

“I would like to say a few words on behalf of the deluxe electronic air cleaner. My husband was recently hospitalized due to a severe asthma attack that almost cost him his life. During this time, I had a representative for the deluxe electronic air cleaner phone me and did survey for the product. A few weeks later I had someone from the company visit my home to demonstrate this product for my husband. He and I were amazed at how quickly he noticed the difference in the quality of the air. It only took about half an hour and he told me he could really breathe easier. Normally, I do not purchase a product from anything but a store, but I took a chance this time. Since purchasing this product my husband, my children and I have not had a single lung problem which for a change is a big relief. My husband has now made a full recovery and the RespirAide has greatly reduced our dust and cat hair problems. I am pleased to give my personal recommendation to the RespirAide and I hope that it can and will help someone else like it helped my family.”

- S. Morden, from Oshawa Ontario