Looking For A New Water Heater?

You should consider upgrading your Water Heater if your current one is over 10 years old, however many home owners do not know how old their model is, or consider servicing it.

Over time Water Heaters become worn, building sediment inside (dropping your energy efficiency) and/or have high chances to leak or crack (which can lead to floods).

Owning a new Water Heater with Platinum Air Care means you'll have up-to-date technology and efficiency savings that will show on your utility bill.

Why You Should Choose Platinum Air Care

Buying a new Water Heater from us means you will only get top quality products, while buying from a retail store may seem like a good idea at first it could cost you more money in the long run due to cheap quality.

Should I Rent or Buy a Water Heater?

At Platinum Air Care, we encourage ownership of equipment and make it easy by having affordable financing options with extended warranties.

Our financing can closely rival the cost of your rental monthly payment, and the extended warranty will give you the peace of mind you get from renting ~ without the extra long-term cost.

Curious about how much your rental has costed you so far? Check out this helpful renting calculator!

Platinum Air Care Makes It Simple

Helping you pick the right Water Heater for your home's needs, and budget.

Water Heaters We Supply:

Gas Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters

Featured Model:

ProLine® XE Power Direct Vent Gas Water Heater


JW ProLine XE Power Direct Vent HR.png


Energy Savings

  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified (Except 75 Gallon Model)
  • Exceeds NRCan Energy Efficiency Standards
  • Factory Installed Heat Trap Nipples

Designed for Performance

  • Compact Design - Ideal as a replacement Water Heater and for closet installations
  • Exclusive TankSaver® design to prolong tank life
  • Ultra-Quiet Blower
  • Convenient 3/4" side water connections for combination applications on high input 58,000 and 72,000 BTU units (plugs are factory installed)
  • Factory installed T&P valve and drip tube
  • Glass lined tank provides superior protection against corrosion

Safety Features

  • Sealed combustion chamber design, eliminating the need for a FV sensor
  • Zero clearance to combustibles


  • State-of-the-art gas control features advanced self-diagnostic capability that makes troubleshooting easy
  • Conveniently located T&P and drain valve for easy of serviceability
  • Auto-reset temperature switch monitors vent temperature

The Ultimate in Venting Flexibility

  • Can be vented with 2", 3", or 4" ULC S636 PVC, CPVC or polypropylene pipe up to 180 equivalent feet (see installation manual for full details)
  • Can be installed using a concentric vent kit (see installation manual for details)

Platinum Air Care is a registered John Wood® Dealer. Delivering quality Water Heaters, at affordable prices.

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