5/5 Star Better Business Bureau (BBB) Review

“Extremely happy with our investment in a HEPA & Ultra Light. My husband is a smoker and our house no longer has the odor I have been dealing with for YEARS. The technician Dave was very fast and friendly. I also had some questions about the products and called their customer service department. They just as helpful and friendly as the tech!”

- Sherry V.

Dear Sir,

…“ I saw a significant increase in my husband's health. In fact, his resistance to allergens has greatly improved. He's also much more tolerant (allergy wise) around our cats, and we sleep more restfully. Now I know that our daughter has better protection against household pollutants, and that in itself is more comforting.”…

- Tara Gray, from Keswick Ontario

To Platinum Air Care

“Hello, my name is John Dudzic. The RespirAide has helped both of my children with their asthma; not one attack since I've had it in my house. I also have lots of birds, and it takes the smell right out of my house. Thank you so much for coming over that night it has changed my life and my children’s lives as well.”

- John Dudzic, from Ontario

To Platinum Air Care

“We can't thank you enough for coming into our lives with this air cleaning device and explaining all of it's points in a very thorough and honest manner. My husband has total relief from his breathing problems. His doctor on examining him this week is more than pleased in the big difference in his breathing patterns over his last examination, and literally gives his approval on this machine. We totally recommend it's use to anyone that would like an honest approval for what it has done for one happy customer.”

Thank you PAC,

- Alvin & Murial Mcmillan, from London Ontario

ATTN: CEO of Platinum Air Care

“We purchased a RespirAide air purifier from you about 6 months ago. We are pleased to inform you that we are very satisfied with our purchase. The air quality in our home has improved perceptibly and odors, such as cooking etc., are removed in a relatively short time. A couple of days ago I came off the golf course with my eyes burning from pollen exposure. Within an hour of being home it cleared up completely. Furthermore, the dust in our home, which is quite large, has been pretty much eliminated. When we turned the device off for a weekend when we were vacationing, I couldn't believe the amount of dust that had returned. We want to thank you for bringing this product to our attention and for the good service your company has provided.”

- Bill & Faye Graham, from Ontario

To Platinum Air Care

“We have had the RespirAide unit for a month and have noticed an improvement in the air quality. My wife, who suffers from allergies has also noticed a difference in her breathing, as well as sleeping better at nights. The RespirAide Electronic Air Cleaner is well worth the investment for now and well into the future.”

- Steven E. Walsh, from Ontario

Attn: Platinum Air Care

“My name is Catherine R. and on Aug. 3 2005 I purchased my electronic purifier. Before investing in Platinum Air Care I suffered from a habitual morning routine of sneezing and coughing. After our purchase I feel as though I have been freed from my morning-time attacks. My respiratory history includes allergies, bronchitis and C.O.P.D.'s. I would recommend this product to anyone and every-one, with or without ailments, a wise purchase that will pay for itself in the long run. Looking back, now I wonder how I managed without it. My only regret is not hearing of Platinum Air Care earlier, because I would have been benefiting a long time earlier.”

- Reginal & Catherine Russell, from London Ontario

Dear Platinum Air Care

“My fiancée and I purchased a RespirAide unit on July 3, 2001. I have checked out the website and spoke with a customer service rep, who gave me all the information I required. I have to say I am very impressed with this air purifier. As you state, it is NOT your ordinary air purifier! My sister stopped in last night to visit and she said that she could not tell a smoker lived in the home (and my fiancée smokes a lot)! Thank you once again.”

- Yvonne Robinson & Shaune Cameron, from Durham Ontario

To Platinum Air Care Management

…“It was three weeks before I did the first cleaning of the plates unit and filter. The black color of the water showed where all the dust and ash had been collecting. I believe that even in the summer, which I have the windows open that my house will stay cleaner, and that I will not suffer so much from the dust/pollen allergies I have in the past.”…

- Ann Maine, from Fergus Ontario