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Looking For A New Water Heater?

You should consider upgrading your Water Heater if your current one is over 10 years old, however many home owners do not know how old their model is, and do not consider servicing it. Over time Water Heaters become worn, building sediment inside (dropping your energy efficiency) and/or have high chances to leak or crack ~ which can lead to floods. Owning a new Water Heater with Platinum Air Care means you will have up-to-date technology and efficiency savings that will show on your utility bill.

Why you should choose Platinum Air Care

Buying a new Water Heater from Platinum Air Care means you are guaranteed to get top quality products, with an professional installation guarantee to make sure your unit is up and running as it should be. While some customers believe buying their Water Heater from a retail store may seem like a good idea at first, it could cost you more money in the long run due to cheap quality, poor warranty coverage, and the extra cost of having a plumber install the unit.

What type of Water Heater is best?

Depending on your personal preference, needs and budget this answer can differ greatly ~ Platinum Air Care offers many options from Electric Tanks, Traditional Tanks and Instant-On Tankless Water Heaters. Consult with Platinum Air Care for a personalized recommendation for you and your home’s needs.

Should I Own or Rent my Water Heater?

At Platinum Air Care, we encourage ownership of equipment and make it easy by having affordable financing options with extended warranties that closely rival renting prices. To Learn more about Owning vs Renting - Click Here.

Platinum Air Care makes it simple

With a seamless process, Platinum Air Care can help you pick the right Water Heater for you and your home’s needs and budget. From purchasing, installing, converting to tankless, removing your old tank, or give assistance with cancelling your current rental contract, Platinum Air Care can help with it all.

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